The Horseless Carriage opened in 1966 as America’s 1st In-Dealership Restaurant.

Galpin was the first and only automotive dealership in the country to offer its customers a full-service restaurant on the premises. Why include a restaurant in an automotive dealership? We felt this would be a valuable service for our customers.

“I always thought of a restaurant principally as a convenience for our customers - a place where they can relax while their cars are being serviced or their purchases are being processed. You can talk things over in a restaurant without leaving the dealership.” -Bert Boeckmann


Chef Geovanni formerly of the Beverly Hills Hotel, prepares sumptuous Belgian Waffles, Eggs Crabcake Benedict, Filet Mignon, Lobster and more! View our menu»

"...The restaurant is a clubby, all-American coffee shop with...a homey atmosphere and squeaky clean, like the sport rims on a new Mustang...plenty of locals come for this food too, familiar fare that is as comforting as the scent of new vinyl...There may be as many good choices is this coffee shop as there are on the entire Galpin lot." -Los Angeles Times

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